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The Horticultural
Development Council

"Growth and Transformation Shaping The Future of ZImbabwean Horticulture"

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Horticulture Development Council (HDC).
    HDC is a collective of export horticulture producers to drive the development and growth of horticulture. We assist in the formation and growth of specialist producer associations, e.g. Avocado Growers Association, Zimbabwe Blueberry Growers Association, Citrus Growers Association of Zimbabwe, Deciduous Fruit Growers Association, Export Flower Growers Association, Export Fresh Producer Growers Association, Zimbabwe Tea Growers Association. Our membership includes Farmer’s Unions, The Federation of Young Farmers Clubs and Trade members who supply horticulture producers. Through this membership we represent 70% of horticulture export from Zimbabwe.
  • What initiatives is HDC taking in the quest to enhance horticultural business efficiency and competitiveness in Zimbabwe.
    Our focus over the next 5 years will be geared towards: Promoting smallholder development through horticulture out-grower schemes Developing the horticulture production base Improvement of infrastructure and logistics Increasing finance and investment for horticulture Developing export markets Improved sustainability of horticulture production To improve the coordinating role of the Horticultural Development Council We are working closely with stakeholders to improve the ease of doing business for export horticulture producers and ways to reduce/localise costs of production. We are negotiating incentives such as, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe recently approved the ability for horticulture producers with foreign loans to repay their commitments prior to surrender requirements. On localising costs of production we are negotiating agri-business facilities where producers are able to pay input costs, for example fuel in local currency. We continue to lobby for the rebate/exemption of capital costs such as substrates used in blueberry and flower production. We are seeking further clarity on the advantages for investors in horticulture exporters under the incremental export incentive scheme recently announced.
  • What are some of the low hanging opportunities available for the zimbabwean horticultural exporters?
    The opportunity for horticultural exporters are endless, whether you are a producer or processor, there are many opportunities out there. It requires research into the market that an exporter would like to access and a basic understanding of the trade agreements, be they continental or country specific. Start with the end in mind!
  • What are some of the key take aways from our Hortiforum initiatives
    There is a thirst for information on horticulture export production. The quarterly Hortiforum platform creates an opportunity to raise awareness of the value chains and sectors that we represent and interaction with the various producer associations. We foresee that these will grow and with the move to digital platforms, more and more of these forums will be accessible to anyone interested in hearing about all aspects of Horticulture. Not only can we reach a wider audience but also a broader speaker base for the dissemination of technical knowledge and access to improved technology and what is trending the around the globe so that Zimbabwean exporters have exposure to these opportunities.
  • How does HDC see the horticulture sector in the next 5 years?
    Horticulture production is set to treble over the next 5 years, with the right policy and business environment we see a very bright future for Horticulture in Zimbabwe!
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