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About Us

Representing the interest of horticultural growers

Who are we?

The Horticultural Development Council (HDC) is a non-profit, membership-driven organisation in the export horticultural industry. 

It plays a vital role in improving horticultural business efficiency and competitiveness in Zimbabwe. 

Our Story

The Horticultural Development Council was formed as a corporate body with the intention of becoming the Apex organization to represent and promote export horticultural producers in Zimbabwe.

The formation was facilitated by the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Resettlement of Zimbabwe, with the understanding that quick strategic industry development goals could be obtained.

It was felt that an Apex body of producers would concurrently be able to reach out with a single voice in the opposite direction, bringing the parties closer together to fulfil the common objective of growth.

An interim Board was established in July 2019 and given the mandate to develop a Constitution that would create a platform for achieving its objectives. The Constitution was adopted and signed on the 7th January 2020

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Our Vision and Mission

Vision Statement
To represent, coordinate and act upon the unified interests of our members

Mission Statement 
To be an efficient and effective producer driven council with a mandate to represent its members in lobbying relevant bodies in the value chain, to produce growth and transformation of horticulture in Zimbabwe

Future plans

  • Promote smallholder development through horticulture and out-grower schemes.

  • Develop the horticulture production base in Zimbabwe

  • Continue lobbying for an enabling policy and regulatory environment

  • Improve infrastructure and logistics for horticulture

  • Increase financing and investment for horticulture

  • Develop export markets

  • Improve sustainability of horticulture production

  • Improve the capacity and coordinating role of HDC to deliver it’s mandate

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