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Coffee Shareholding model

Zimbabwe Coffee.png
  • Established in 1993 after the deregulation of the coffee industry as a non-profit making private company. Became an unquoted, public company in June 1999.

  • Main function is the grading and marketing of coffee, and its primary income is derived from a processing fee charged to growers who use its facilities.

  • The company has 145 shareholders, 36 of which are small-scale coffee growers, one of which is a trust shareholder and the remainder former commercial growers.

  • Small-scale growers hold 1%, the trust shareholder 11% (on behalf of small-scale growers), 88% commercial farmers. The Trust shareholding will be distributed to small scale growers once they start to produce and deliver a significant volume to ZCM. 

  • Three small-scale grower representative with voting powers sit on the Board.

  • The company, with assistance of donors, sometimes runs smallholder coffee contract farming schemes in which farmers are assisted with inputs and extension services.

  • Currently farmers are receiving marketing assistance from Nespresso, with processing being done by ZCM. One commercial farmer is supporting farmers with inputs.

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