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Fruits Joint Venture (JV) model

  • Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited (SZL) manufactures various juice brands  at four manufacturing plants in Ruwa, Bulawayo, Norton and Masvingo, with nine distribution centres countrywide. The company employs over 900 employees around the country.

  • The Norton plant and is operated by Best Fruit Processor Limited, a joint venture of ARDA (30%) and Beitbridge Juicing Limited (BBJ) which is part of SZL (70%).

  • BBJ has two anchor farms producing tomatoes, blueberry, potatoes and citrus. Tomatoes are both of own production and sourced from third parties, the other farms are partners. All citrus feedstock is sourced from third parties.

  • BBJ has an out-grower programme with +300 farmers and is investing in upscaling the scheme. The business model for contract growing for fruit includes a mix of community irrigation schemes, small-holder farmers, farmers’ groups but focuses on big commercial farmers and medium-sized commercial farmers that are clustered in associations of about 10 farmers with approximately 6 ha/farmer. BBJ leases the land and pays farmers a salary to produce feedstock for the plant.

  • A head agronomist supports implementation of company and GLOBALGAP standards. BBJ has established centres of excellence and a graduation programme to educate the farmers on standards and best practices.

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