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Proteas Centralised Contract Farming Model


In the beginning Zimflora supplied planting materials and inputs. Fertilization and chemical requirements are low, and farmers now source their own. Zimflora provides all packaging materials.


In the beginning Zimflora provided technical knowhow. This support is no longer required since the crop is relatively easy to grow.


In the beginning Zimflora had exclusivity on all sales.  Now, in addition to Zimflora, the farmers supply their own local markets and a limited amount of export. Zimflora collects stems from centralised collection points, sorts them for export or local market, transports to Harare airport and arranges export & sales

Image by Artem Beliaikin

ChilliCentralised Contract Farming Model


Kacholo provides formal and informal irrigation contract farmers with planting materials (seeds/seedlings), fertilizers and agrochemicals.


At most contract sites there is a resident extension worker who trains and provides extension to contract farmers


At some sites, the company purchases fresh produce and dries the chili at the site; at others, farmers dry the chilies. Chilies are collected & transported to Harare where they are packed for export to South African markets, including Nando’s. Farmers are guaranteed the purchase of their crop, a competitive price is set at the beginning of each season.

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